General building & housing

Planning, design, development, demolitions, construction, repairs, maintenance involving plumbing, carpentry, electrical wiring and installations, aircons, metal work, roofing, ceiling, painting, tiling, decorations, paving, etc.

Electrical & Telecommunications Engineering

substations, power supply and distribution lines, residential, commercial and industrial .

General roads and earthworks

Certified and proven expertise and complimentary assets in land preparation, levelling, construction, condition surveys, upgrading, routine maintenance -roads and general infrastructure surrounding

Advantages of working with us.

We offer affordable quality construction services from planning, development, property maintenance and general infrastructure management. Using expertise pooling and innovative models, we beat any verifiable quotation offering unmatched warranty terms..


Electrical Systems

We supply & Install substations, power supply and distribution lines

Architectural & Engineering Designs

We offer architectural & Engineering drawings (electrical mechanical and structural drawings).

Building & Construction

Planning, design, development, demolitions, construction, repairs & maintenance roofing, ceiling, painting, tiling, decorations, and paving.

Grid & powerline setup

Infrastructure, equipment and machinery wiring, electrical wiring and installations, repairs and maintenance.

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